Welcome to the Chadwick Research Group

We are a research group focused on using organometallic complexes in unusual ways to solve some of the biggest chemical problems. As part of the chemistry department at Imperial College London, we are based at the Molecular Sciences and Research Hub in White City. The group started in 2018 - so much of this site remains under construction. Do check back soon for more information.




Office 601K
Molecular Sciences Research Hub, 80 Wood Lane, White City, W12 0BZ

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Research Interests

Carbon Dioxide utilisation

The conversion of carbon dioxide to useful feedstock chemicals is one of the greatest challenges facing society today. We aim to take early transition metal complexes and use them to react with this harmful greenhouse gas.


Non-Standard Organometallic Reactivity

Almost all organometallic research is carried out in the homogeneous phase. We look to investigate how reactivity can be altered by moving away from the ‘standard’ solvent system and towards heterogeneous reactivity, either by grafting species onto supports, or by using solid-gas reactivity.

Olefin upgrading

Simple gaseous olefins are surprisingly difficult to inter-convert selectively. With the rise of fracking and shale gas production, it is of significant importance to ensure flexible supplies of the various molecules. We aim to develop and use catalysts to address this challenging task.


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We are always interested in hearing from potential students or collaborators. Feel free to email Dr Chadwick directly or use the form to the right.

Currently there is a PhD studentship available.

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