Week 2

So, frustrations continue to go on, I suspect that this is mostly down to the new building and it soon being Christmas so everything is a little in ‘wind-down’ mode. Inductions continue at about the pace of 1 a day, which given that there are 17 or so to get through will basically take me to new year!  Oh well.

What is getting some use to is the idea that there isn’t a ‘boss’ anymore.  At least, not really.  I have a line manager who (presumably) I’ll meet at some point, but there isn’t anyone telling me what to do, or what to be getting on with. Which is great! But equally there isn’t someone to whom I can demand they fix the annoyances with the department.  Instead the buck stops with me.

Vaguely found out my teaching load, won’t be too much (something like 6 hours of tutorials and 20 hours of lab supervisions across the year). I need to get (at some point) experience doing actual lectures for the CV but otherwise teaching is more of a distraction that a bonus at my stage of career I believe…